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Shea Butter Spring/Summer Shipping

Did you forget to stock up on our Whipped Shea Butter before it got hot?

Whipped Shea Butter orders don't stop during summer months because customers use our butter all year round, therefore we have come up with a solution that will aid shipping in the heat so you receive our butter still whipped.

Although, it will cost slightly more for your own personal Spring/Summer Reusable Mail Cooler Kit, it will aid in you receiving your products in same condition as packed.

If you receive an order that has melted from its original form, simply place butter in the freezer until it hardens. Although, the appearance may be different, the quality, properties and purpose of the shea butter will not be effected by the melting.


Melted Butters may not be returned, so please invest in the summer cooler mailing kit to aid in the shipping process.

Keep track of shipment with provided tracking number.  Plan on retrieving the package out of mailbox or delivery area ASAP, to keep package out of direct heat.

Remember keep out of direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry environment in between uses.

Do not leave in hot automobile's during warmer months.